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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I report these domain names in order to stimulate companies in particular and to answer their current advertising needs with concrete solutions. Businesses and organizations that believe and invest in web communications. Corresponding to search engine ranking and online search queries is nowadays the first and most important step for the fastest and most successful advertising. Owning domain names that correspond exactly to the most common and popular search terms on the Internet is your guarantee of the most effective advertising on the Web.

In the last two years of the Covid crisis, advertising budgets have been drastically reduced and have concentrated on the focal point of communication: the Internet.

But the availability of advertising budgets has also decreased on the web, and attempts are being made to make direct and optimal use of the ranking algorithm of the various search engines. In this way, the most important activity of web occupation is achieved: placing your own service or product at the top of the search results.

A new domain name can be used as the alias of your current web portal, it can represent the answer to the search for a conceptual offer, it can correspond to the target customer or a specific business you are looking for, it can even create a commercial turning point for a new market entry.

Just as an example, the .FUN domain ending (but also .CRUSES or .VACATIONS) or domain names such as GREENPASS or COVIDFREI can be used on special web landing pages, targeted advertising campaigns and services or products connected to amusement parks and major events.

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